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Nourishing Baby Wet Wipes

We have ditched the throw away wet wipes and now just make up a jar or container of wipes as and when we need them. Our wipes are thick and strong so the jobs that used to take up to 3-4 disposable wipes now only take 1 reusable baby wipe.

Nourishing Baby Wet Wipes

  • 1 cup of warm water that has been boiled. (I boil the kettle then wait about ½ an hour, boiling the water kills any bugs that could possibly be in the water but don’t tip boiling water over these ingredients or you will kill there beneficial properties.)
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil great for moisturising the skin
  • 1 drop of Manuka oil (or other preferred essential oil) Manuka oil is antibacterial, helps to boost skin health and acts as a natural deodorant. Use very very small amounts, especially on babes and if in doubt don’t use them at all. Natural products are wonderful, but they need to be treated in the same way as any other product. Spot test first and always use diluted. And If using this wet wipe recipe never use on broken skin.

Mix these lovely ingredients together with the warm water, once dissolved tip over your baby wipes (I use about 10-12 wipes per jar) in a reusable and sealable jar. I like to place a few wipes in then add the solution and wipes intermittently so the oils gets dispersed evenly. These keep for a few days so I make these up in small batches as and when I need them. It really doesn’t take long once you have all the ingredients at hand.

Note: These wipes have minimal preserving agents in them so treat them as you would damp cloths. I make a small batch every 3 days, my dear friend Harry makes large batches and stores them in the freezer until she is ready to use them, genius (Just defrost the night before so they are up to a comfortable temperature).

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