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We hate waste. Hate it. Yet so much today seems to be designed to be convenient and disposable. Use it and throw it away. But where does it all go? Landfills, oceans, back into our bodies... That’s when we had a dream of a better way.

If we slow down, take time, spend a little more upfront, buy consciously, then there is no reason we can’t swap the plastic and throw away, for the beautifully crafted and long lasting.

Rather than turn our things into more rubbish, what if we could repurpose, recycle and repair. That is where this all began. We believed that if we could find good and sustainable alternatives, then people would happily use them rather than the wasteful norm. 

So, we set about searching for (and rigorously testing) products. They needed to be ethically & consciously made, sustainable, and easy to return to the earth once their hard working lives are over. And what we couldn’t find, we made ourselves. The best of these we now share with you here, for your convenience.

We are here to help rid the world of unnecessary waste by bringing beautiful, useful, lasting, and easy alternatives into your home. That is our dream. This is our site. And you can chat to us about anything you like here hello@thewastefereehome.co.nz.




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