Start Small, Dream Big

If you are wanting to start living a lower waste life our advice is to start with something small, or a few small things and once you have mastered these move to a few bigger swaps. You will find that if you take it in steps and add more swaps as your confidence grows and willingness allows you will find that it just becomes part of the way in which you live.

Living a lower waste or plastic free life is not easier. But it’s not hard either. It’s a mind shift to a slightly different way of living. You become more mindful about everything you do and everything you buy then all of a sudden you have halved the amount of times you take the rubbish bin out a week.


Next steps

  • Start using reusable wipes for your home and body, including the kids.
  • Have a crack at making some of your own natural cleaning products, not only are they non-toxic they are cheap and effective.
  • Grab a couple of reusable gift wraps (Furoshiki) to wrap your presents. While most gift wrapping is not recyclable and often not reusable after they are ripped open, these wraps should last generations, and if you are lucky you might receive them back hopefully a few times! Circular economy at its best.
  • Check out your local bulk food store. You don't have to  stock the whole pantry, just see how it works and try a couple of things. 
  • Get a compost. This is such a big one. The compost can take so much of your household waste, plus it creates a nutrient dense fertiliser for your garden!

Once you start swapping you won’t be able to stop. And don't be hard on yourself if you slip up and purchase something plastic. Just try again next time. 



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