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Beautiful, useful, sustainable homewares.

Who we are.

We are a small, family run business with a purpose. We are here to help rid the world of unnecessary waste by providing you with beautiful, useful, lasting, and easy alternatives for your home. That is our dream. This is why we are here. We want to make conservation convenient.

This lovely photo is of my sister Abby who helps to pack your orders every week (amongst many other tasks and part time jobs and two small kiddos).

The Floral Society Essential Oil Incense
enamel serving spoon in white
Essential oil outdoor incense sticks from the floral society - insect repellent
Canvas Hanging Storage 100% Cotton from The Floral Society
The Floral Society Copper Flower Frog Set
rattan gathering basket with handle
Rattan storage baskets set of 2 oval
Large Round Rattan Basket
Wonderweeder gardening tool

Shop our favourite Pete & Co products

Made from locally salvaged wood, which would otherwise become building waste and go to landfill, Peter has given these pieces a beautiful new life.

Crafted by hand, each carefully selected piece of timber is cut to size, lathed into shape, sanded by hand and then polished before sending off to there forever homes.

Our Commitment to the Future

Children are our future. They are the ones that will carry on our work and we are committed to supporting them to get there. We donate monthly to help nurture these children. We do that proudly through the great charities KidsCan and Canteen. We are also thrilled to be able to facilitate the CarbonClick button to help offset the carbon emissions associated with each order.

Pretty. Good.

Pretty. Good.

Started from a Studio at the bottom of their garden and fuelled by a dream to eliminate unnecessary waste, The Waste-Free Home is seeing a real desire to be good. Since starting in mid 2019 the company has expanded their range of products from sustainable and waste-free natural products, adding a range of long-lasting, hard-wearing, repairable, and always beautiful alternatives to the disposable.

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Cheap is Expensive

Cheap is Expensive

Take a look at a recent interview we did for The Natural Parent Magazine...

There is no reason in today’s more informed consumer landscape that we can’t all be making better choices. And with just a little extra care, we can get the desired value out of our products. We asked Shayna at The Waste-Free Home for a few tips on how to get the most value out of your beautiful wooden objects. Here’s what she said.
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The Art Of Craft

The Art Of Craft

It became clear that this wasn’t niche. People really wanted a better way of consuming. And so began our journey of discovery into more and more sustainable products.
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