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These beautiful Weck jars have been around since the early 1900s. Designed and made in Germany by Johann Weck, they're great for storing, transporting and serving all sorts of foods, and perfect for preserving. 

For each jar you will need a rubber seal and 2 clamps - or a wooden lid. The size in brackets (L,M,S) is the size rubber ring and/or wooden lid you will need with your jar.


These jars are perfect for preserves or any sort of storage that requires a sealed lid. Perfect for your loose goods from a bulk food store. They are a wonderful mid range size.

1050ml / 17.5cm (L)
850ml / 16cm  (L)
580ml / 12cm (L)
370ml / 8.5cm (L)
290ml / 6cm (L)
165ml / 5cm (M) Flat
160ml / 9cm (S) Tall

The straight lines of these cylinder jars make them perfect for storing side by side in your pantry and making the most out of small spaces. 

1590ml / 21cm (L)
1040ml / 21cm (M)
340ml / 14.50cm (S)

These jars are perfect for preserves or any sort of storage that requires a sealed lid.

1062ml / 15cm (L)
580ml / 8.50cm (L)

Large: 12cm
Medium: 10cm
Small: 8cm

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Such lovely jars

I have been using a couple of 340ml sized jars for making a sourdough starter and they’ve been excellent! I also have some much larger ones for flour storage. They look fab and they’re really sturdy and thick. My favourite jars (and that’s saying something, I’m a jar lady!)

They're already dry from the dishwasher

It's a first-world problem, but having to stack my Sistema plastic containers so they dry after going through the dishwasher has been driving me crazy. Why should one job create another job?
So I've been on the hunt as to how to have dried containers straight from the dishwasher. The Weck jars are the only containers I've found that actually have a glass lid (all others still have a plastic lid). It means both the jar and the lid come out of the dishwasher dry. AMAZING.
The size of the jars is a little smaller compared to the Sistema options but when I use them for my chicken salad lunch, I shove in as much food in as I can, put the lid on, and then when I'm at work empty the contents onto a plate. That way it easily holds as much as before - perhaps more.
I highly recommend.

Best jars on the market

I love my weck jars. I can store pantry staples easily. The heavy lid means it stays fresh and yet easy to lift off and use. Super easy to clean too!

Holy Weck!

I got the mold jars in 1050ml, 850ml and 500ml with seals and metal clamps. They are absolutely amazing and really good quality - even my husband was impressed, which is good cause I didn’t tell him I brought them 🤣

It keeps my pantry items nice and fresh and I love that they are multi use (preserving, jams etc) so I can use them however I need.

I also wanted to give a shout out to the Waste Free Home for packaging my glass jars amazing! The care and love that was put into wrapping them and ensuring they didn’t break on their journey was really appreciated.

I will definitely keep adding to my Weck collection from this store ☺️