These beautiful Weck jars have been around since the early 1900s. Designed and made in Germany by Johann Weck, they're great for storing, transporting and serving all sorts of foods, and perfect for preserving.

Weck's wide-mouth design makes filling them a breeze.

Each jar comes with a glass lid, rubber seal and a pair of metal clamps.

The straight lines of these cylinder jars make them perfect for storing side by side in your pantry and making the most out of small spaces. 

Small: 340ml Height: 14.50cm (OOS until 2020, please contact us for pre orders)

Medium: 1040ml Height: 21cm (OOS until 2020, please contact us for pre orders)

Large: 1590ml Height: 21cm (OOS until 2020, please contact us for pre orders)

These smaller mini mold jars are great for storing spices, nuts, seeds and other pantry staples. Also perfect for pates, pickles and jams or for serving appetisers or breakfast dishes.

Capacity: 140ml Height: 8cm

Wooden lids sold separately
Large: 12cm
Medium: 10cm
Small: 8cm (small fits both small and mini mold sizes.)
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