Safety Razor - FAQs

Q - How do I use the safety razors?

A - As far as the shaving aspect goes, don’t overthink it, it’s not much different to a normal razor shave just a slightly closer finish.

Firstly you need to pop the blade in. Unscrew the bottom of the handle and it opens up the top holding plate for the double edged blade to sit. Pop the blade in and screw the bottom back up tight making sure there is no looseness in the blade. They fall in nice and easily as long as the blade isn’t bent out of shape.

Using a good lubricant helps to avoid the dreaded rash/outbreak. 

The standard angle of a safety razor to the skin is 30-45 degrees and the rest is pretty straight forward. Shave with the grain and then against if you want that really extra smooth feel.

A good moisturiser post shave is a must.

Q - How do I dispose of the blades?

A - A dull blade which is no longer giving you a close shave is still a very dangerous item.

The best thing for this would be to up-cycle an old tin or can - turn it into a blade bank, ideally with a slot in the top. Keep it safe and away from children - mark clearly what the tin is for. Once you are happy with the amount of razors you have collected take it to a scrap metal merchant. They must not be disposed of in general waste or council recycling bins mainly for the sake of the people involved in handling the waste and recycling (aside from the environmental reasons).

Q - How do I care for my razor?

- This razor is not plastic so you are going to have to take extra care of it. Don't let it stay wet, take it out of the shower between uses if your shower steams up often and after shaving make sure you rinse out all the hairs and pat dry if necessary. Yes this is extra work but plastic is a product of convenience so our mindsets just have to shift to taking care of our beautiful plastic free items if we want them to last. 


Shayna Stalker

Hi Dara, Thanks for your message! Unfortunately there is no one in NZ making these razors. These are made in China (the Bamboo ones in Vietnam) both under ethical and fair trade conditions. I deal directly with the small family business here in NZ that imports them. x

Shayna Stalker

Hello and thank you for this FAQ!
I love that you prioritise NZ made products where possible, and am wondering from where your razors come. Where possible, I’m trying to keep my low waste journey a low KM one as well.
All the best to you and your family!

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