This beautiful wall mounted drying rack is perfect if you lack indoor space for hanging clothes. When fixed to the wall it measures 800mm wide, 375mm tall, and when folded comes out from the wall 180mm. It then extends to 1m off the wall with 11 rungs to hang your towels and clothes.

Once attached to the wall correctly it is strong and will take a load of average sized towels.

Comes with mounting panels and screws for hanging.

Each drying rack is handmade locally from FSC untreated pine by a father and daughter duo.

To best maintain these beautiful racks, use inside only. It is normal for some wear and ageing to the wood over time, especially if you regularly hang very wet items. The pine can handle moisture but it should be properly and fully dried to avoid tarnishing. For added protection we recommend using Maxwax liquid wax polish, it helps to protect the wood 
from moisture.

These beautiful racks are made local to us and are made to order, please allow 2-4 weeks for your order to be shipped.

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