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Our beautiful Market Bags are back in stock in April, please get in touch if you would like one held for you.

These beautiful baskets are a handmade product using traditional methods. They are hand woven from strips of fallen palm fronds, so no two are quite the same.

Use The Orleanais (Baby) basket to store onions and potatoes in the pantry, kids toys or as gift basket for a bottle of wine and some cheese. The Parisian, Sienna and Marseillais are large and multi purpose, think supermarket, farmers market, shopping, beach, weekend bag, washing basket the list goes on!

The Parisian
Length: 58cm Width: 40cm Height: 35cm

The Orleanais (Baby)
Length: 40cm Width: 22cm Height: 22cm

The Marseillais (Double handled, great if you prefer to carry your bag on your shoulder)
Length: 50cm Width: 32cm Height: 32cm

The Sienna (with deluxe 60 cm leather handle)
Length: 50cm Width: 32cm Height: 32cm

All sizes are approximate as these are hand crafted products.

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