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If you want to save time in the garden and improve your soil, then you will fall in love with the design of the Crafty Forksta™

These forks are made from high strength steel and are one piece, as well as being electroplated and powder coated for durability. They are strong and pierce the soil as you pull back on the T-bar handle, which is designed to give great control and use your body weight evenly. They are a great all round fork, think broadfork meets garden fork, they penetrate and loosen the soil to get air down deep. The foot bar is wide for a comfortable platform for both feet and the curved tine shape gives strength and helps with the rowing motion of the fork.

The Forksta™ aerates soil, creates better drainage, supports soil ecology and avoids bringing weed seeds to the surface.

The ergonomic design of the Forkstahelps to:

- Use your body weight
- Use both sides of your body evenly
- Keep your back straight

Choice of either 850mm or 950mm high handle.
Forksta™: 350mm wide and x5 300mm tines. Weight is 3.7kg - Great for everyday use for all the jobs in the garden.

Items may take up to 2 weeks to ship as these are handcrafted items and may need to be made to order.

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Vicky Gibson
Best Garden Tool I've owned

This is everything that it is advertised as. Easily the most useful tool Ive owned for the garden. I should have got one much sooner than I did. Worth every cent.