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Say goodbye to mosquito, sandfly, and biting bug woes and enjoy the great outdoors naturally.

Everkind Natural Insect Repellent is super effective and easy to apply. Its formula is DEET free, with no Icaridin, Permethrins or chemical nasties, only pure natural ingredients for peace of mind.

Created from 100% certified organic ingredients, using cold-pressed Olive Oil and exquisite essential oils.

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Organic neem, spearmint and palmarosa mask your scent and repel biting bugs.Apply to all exposed skin being careful not to miss behind the knees or your feet. The eco-friendly push-up stick won't leak in your bag, and it goes on like a smooth moisturiser that's not sticky or greasy. Perfect water resistant protection for beach, bush and backyard ... and if you forget to apply your insect repellent or miss a bit of exposed skin, EverKind Itchy Bite Salve gives fast itchy bite relief that soothes like no other.



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