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Handmade in Aotearoa, these beautiful Cuban Mops are a perfect waste-free solution to the usually short term, plastic-heavy mop. 

To use simply wet a rag (in a bucket of soapy water) and fold it over the end of the mop and use as usual. Rinse out when needed and throw into the wash when finished.
More Information

Every mop has been handcrafted so each is unique and may vary slightly in colour. Measurements are all approximate and may differ slightly from mop to mop.

Care Instructions

Simply oil regularly (and before first use) and these beautiful mops will live on for many generations to come. You can also use without oiling - just make sure to dry well between uses and never fully submerge in water.


1350 x 350mm

Made From

Radiata Pine, sourced locally from sustainable forest operations.

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Customer Reviews

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Love it

I bought this almost two years ago but have only just used it today. I love it. It's easier to use than a sponge mop as it has a longer reach and is also easier to mop under furniture. I bought it for environmental reasons because there is so much plastic waste from a sponge mop so I'm really happy that it's better from a functional point of view also.

It's a rag on a stick

Admittedly a very nice rag on a very nice stick but why my mum spent $80 on this is beyond me. Wrap a rag around your existing broom for the same effect and waste even less

I love it too

Much better for the environment and to look at than a plastic mop. Can also be used as a swifter and is much easier to use because you don't need a bucket and can throw the cloths in the wash.


I was initially a bit daunted by using the Cuban mop but now I find I actually mop my floors more because it’s so easy to use and I can keep the mop out in easy reach as it's not a cleaning tool you have to hide away at the back of a cupboard.