NGARURU (to be strong in growth) is a gentle, calming anti-inflammatory oil. It was made with Mama & baby in mind.

Tahi is made to simplify life, each oil is made using plant extracts that holistically nurture your skin and your wellbeing.

Every Tahi oil has specific uses & general uses. Tahi for general use can replace your cleanser, moisturiser, hair & beard oil, body wash, makeup remover and hand cream. They all help to balance skin tone, prevent premature ageing and relieve irritated skin.

Specific Uses:
Soothes & heal eczema
Heal acne
Massage oil
Reduce inflammation
Prevent & heal stretch marks
Prevent & soothe nappy rash

Ingredients: Kawakawa-infused organic sweet almond oil, koromiko extract, harakeke extract + organic lavender essential oil

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