One Kind Face Toner with Kawakawa and Ylang Ylang is a luxurious hydrosol blend with the sweet and delicate aroma of Ylang Ylang and native Kawakawa.

Hydrosols can be used multiple times a day since they’re super gentle on the skin and balance your skin’s pH after cleansing.

This beautiful Toner regulates sebum production and is excellent for balancing all skin types – especially effective on combination and oily skin. It helps the skin retain moisture leaving it smooth and hydrated. Ylang Ylang also has wonderful calming effects - great for use before bedtime.

Directions: Apply to face before moisturising with Kawakawa and Hemp Face Serum or Rich Face Cream. Also great to keep in the fridge in Summer for a beautiful refreshing face and skin spritz throughout the day.

Other uses:

  • Use it in place of water when you mix powdered masks for added benefits.
  • Mist pillows and linen before bedtime for a restful sleep.
  • Spray some hydrosol on a cotton pad to remove your eye/skin makeup. You can do this prior to cleansing your skin or after cleansing to remove any leftover makeup and residue.
  • Use it to set your makeup. Spritz some on after you apply your makeup to help it stay in place. A post-makeup misting will also give your skin a gorgeous dewy finish and will help your makeup look more natural.

Suitable for all skin types

Please avoid contact with eyes.

Store in a cool, dry place. Made in New Zealand.

Organic  I  Natural  I  Vegan  I  Cruelty-free


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