These practical and simple jars are great for your everyday needs. They are perfect for food storage and preserving as the rubber seal makes them airtight. And we even use the smaller size to make our reusable baby wipes in as they are a perfect size, don't leak and you can unclip it with just one hand.

500ml Fido Clip Top Jar
H: 100mm
D: 105mm 

750ml Fido Clip Top Jar
H: 138mm
D: 110mm 

1L Fido Clip Top Jar
H: 163mm
D: 110mm 

1.5L Fido Clip Top Jar
H: 224mm
D: 110mm 

  • Each jar comes with a rubber seal.
  • Seal and metal ring are not microwave safe.
  • Jar is microwave safe with a maximum temperature of 70°C
  • Seal and metal ring are not dishwasher safe.
  • Jar is dishwasher safe.
  • Wash product before use.


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