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When products that can be composted end up in landfill they act like all other rubbish, they take years to break down and let off harmful green house gases. So let us take some waste off your hands and dispose of it in the best way possible. 

You will receive a return label and a compostable courier bag that you can pop all of your CLEAN & DRY commercially compostable (or even home compostable, if you don't have a compost bin) waste into. When it's full, pop on the prepaid return label and simply drop it off at your nearest NZ post shop. We will take it to be commercially composted for you.

Examples of waste you can send back; paper, cardboard packaging, our compostable courier bags, paper packaging that any of our products come in, old spruce cloths, your bamboo toothbrush handle (no bristles), commercially compostable coffee cups and other single use commercially compostable bags and containers. Please do not pop anything in here that can not be composted commercially, if you do could contaminate tonnes of compost that will then end up in landfill. Also no old banana peels and the like please. If in doubt flick me an email and I will let you know if it’s safe or not to go in the bag hello@thewastefreehome.co.nz

NB: Commercially compostable products and packaging are becoming a big market in NZ but there just isn't the infrastructure or enough drop off points to make sure these products actually DO end up being composted, hopefully this initiative is a small step in the right direction until better systems are set up with all local councils.

Bag size: 280X380MM

Please note that return shipping labels only last for 3 months before they expire. I recommend that you collect your waste, and once ready to send to us, order this service. 

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