We are open, but posting after lock down has been lifted.

We would like to continue sending out the plastic-free alternatives that you can’t get from the supermarket and have been approved by the COVID 19 Government response team to stay open but are battling hard with the fact that we don’t know who touches our parcels after they leave us. Whilst we know the couriers are being as safe as they can be, nothing is certain. With that in mind we have decided that all orders will be sent once lockdown is over. 

This decision lifts a weight off my shoulders and I can concentrate on my kids. They don’t understand fully why we can’t just go to the park or to see nana. This new normal will take a lot of getting used to.

We will still be active with what we are doing to waste less, be resourceful and to answer any questions you might have. We can also help with suggestions should you run out of something too - like how to make your own or what’s a good alternative. We hope you understand.

Stay safe.

Kia kaha, Shayna x

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