Scented Vinegar Spray

In a bid to reduce the amount of chemicals that enter our house I have started to use diluted vinegar as a base to many cleaning products. Due to the smell of the vinegar not being so kind on the nose, scenting it really helps and really works.

In a large jar pop in something to scent your vinegar, really pack the jar full with your selected scent then fill to the top with white vinegar. Let the vinegar steep for a few weeks. Once the smell has imparted into the vinegar it is ready to dilute and use. 

Some scenting options

  • Citrus - all of your unused peels and skins (I keep a bag in the freezer)
  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Bay Leaf

I currently use half bay scented vinegar, half water and a few drops of eucalyptus in an Amber spray bottle as my window cleaner and it works a treat! I get all of my essential oils from Hazel at Naturally Living NZ (she's my lovely cousin) Hazel is passionate about essential oils but also super knowledgable and teaches you how to use them effectively and safely.

Other ideas for your scented vinegar are as a general cleaning spray (I cannot use vinegar on our bench tops as they are unsealed wood), floor cleaner, fabric softener and the list goes on. As I find new uses for vinegar I will share them with you.

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