Our Non Toxic Makeup Remover

My eyes and skin used to sting when removing my makeup, and no wonder, when I properly read the ingredients that were in my makeup remover I was horrified! Little did I know that oil does just as good a job, it's completely non toxic and does not sting. 

This is a little recipe I use at the moment and it's super simple.


Jojoba Oil (or any oil that you have that you know works on your skin)
A couple of drops of essential oil. (I'm currently using Frankincense and Patchouli)

Pop these ingredients into a small dropper bottle and give it a good shake.


Jojoba oil is a great healer and moisturiser, it also contains Vitamin E & B to nourish your skin. Frankincense and Patchouli are great for ageing skin. I get all of my essential oils from Hazel at Naturally Living NZ, Hazel is passionate about essential oils but also super knowledgable and teaches you how to use them effectively and safely.

Pop a decent amount onto your reusable makeup wipe (to dampen not saturate the wipe) and gently wipe your eyes to soften your mascara, use it on the rest of your face to take off your makeup then finish by gently wiping your eyes again until your mascara has gone (It works on my waterproof mascara too!)

Rinse your face and makeup wipe with warm water, and follow your usual beauty routine. Then simply pop your wipe in the wash!

Easy x

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