Getting The Most Out Of Your Grinder

If you are new to using a grinder or are having trouble getting the best results then here are a few wonderful tips from my friend Dave who has done the hard work and testing for us!

Firstly cut your meat into 3cm cubes then chill in the freezer until the meat almost has a frozen skin/crust. This stops meat smearing through the grinder giving it a nice texture.

To make mince, you want an 80/20 meat to fat ratio. Cuts like chuck and brisket for beef, and shoulder or butt for pork & lamb, then use pork joule or back fat with any meat type to make up the 20% fat – this is very cheap from your butcher.

Sausages are more of a 70/30 meat to fat ratio and again if grinding through the mincer, chill first.

Mix your meat, fat and spices before you put through the grinder. You want everything to go through the grinder evenly and you don’t want to be breaking up and stirring the mince to mix fat & spices through at the end.

Use natural skins for sausages. Not synthetic. Your butcher has heaps of them, and they will give you them for next to nothing. Store them in water in the fridge until you use them.

Hand crank grinders tend to move a bit, bolt it to an old bread board or table so you can be quick and steady.

Freshly ground mince and homemade sausages taste amazing, we hope these tips help you xx

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